Choosing a Tablet Holder For Your Truck

Keep your backseat passengers entertained on long drives with a tablet holder for your truck. These leverage-based attachments insert into your air vent slot, CD player or headrest stem, and they allow a passenger to interact with the device hands-free.

They’re compatible with most vehicles and offer a variety of viewing angles for drivers and backseat passengers. This type of holder also stays secure during cornering and speed bumps.

1. Air Vent Mount

If you’re looking to mount a tablet in your truck but don’t want to deal with a suction cup, this air vent mount is a great option. It connects to the louvers in your air vent and has a swivel neck that lets you use the device at different angles. It also has a base that attaches to the dashboard or windshield for added stability.

The CommuteMate air vent mount is simple to use and works with most cell phones, GPS units, and tablets up to 10 inches wide. It has a soft base grip that prevents the tablet from slipping or scratching, and it adjusts for optimal viewing angles.

This headrest mount has a unique design that fits most car headrest posts. It cradles any tablet or phone, and it has a solid feel that holds it securely in place while you’re driving. It’s case-compatible, too, so you can leave the protective case on your device while mounting it.

2. Headrest Mount

Whether you’re looking to entertain backseat passengers or keep your tablet out of sight, this headrest mount is an excellent choice. It can accommodate tablets up to 10.5 inches wide and features a strong grip that will hold your device securely. It also has two knobs for adjusting the arm’s length and is compatible with headrest posts of different distances.

You can either temporarily or permanently install this headrest mount, making it ideal for both home and business use. It’s designed to accommodate most tablets with and without a case, as well as smartphones. You can also adjust the gooseneck for the best angle, which makes it a great option for long drives. It’s also durable and made to withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold. Plus, it’s easy to install and remove with one hand.

3. CD Player Mount

Designed for back seat passengers, this headrest mount tablet holder provides hands-free viewing for kids on long car trips. It features a base that adjusts to fit most cup holders, and it’s compatible with a variety of tablets. It also includes a support stabilizer to help keep your device secure on bumpy roads.

The TFY headrest mount can accommodate phones and tablets up to 10.5 inches in size, including the Nintendo Switch and Kindle Fire. It also has a swivel design to allow you to choose the best viewing angle for your vehicle. Its drawback is that it doesn’t have a strong grip on heavier devices.

Some tablet holders fasten to a car’s air vent, while others stick to the windshield or dashboard. The type you choose depends on your preferences and driving needs. If you’re frequently transporting children, a headrest mount is the safest option. If you travel a lot, you may prefer a suction cup mount for more stability.

4. Suction Cup Mount

When a phone mount isn’t the right fit for your truck or trailer, a suction cup mount can provide an alternative solution. These commercial vehicle tablet holders let you keep your eyes on the road while completing tasks like looking up a map, answering a call or talking to co-workers over the phone. These mounts feature a sturdy base and easy-to-use lock system that make them great for use in semi trucks. For best results, choose a holder with 2 short legs and 4 long legs to support the weight of your device. Adjust the holder to your desired position so all buttons and ports remain accessible. The swivel head allows 360-degree rotation so you can view the screen in any direction.

These products are available in several configurations to accommodate a variety of devices, including ELD tablets.

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